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Akka Thangi

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  • Director
S Mahendar
  • Producer
Ramesh Yadav
  • Actor
  • Actress
Shruthi, Rashmi
  • Music
V Manohar
  • Playing at
Bangalore, Mandya, Hassan and other places

Husband-wife duo S.Mahendar and Shruthi, known for sentimental flicks, is back after a short hiatus through 'Akka Thangi'. Director Mahendar and actress Shruthi proved a successful combination at the box-office with films like 'Karpoorada Gombe', 'Thayee Illada Thavaru', 'Kodagina Cauvery' , 'Premachaari' and 'Gowdru'. (It was during the making of 'Premachaari' that love blossomed between them and they got married). Like previous films, 'Akka Thangi' is also a tearjerker with Shruthi and Rashmi playing sisters.

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