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  • Genre
  • Director
Dayal Padmanabhan
  • Producer
Dayal Padmanabhan
  • Actor
  • Actress
Archana Gupta
  • Cinematographer
Shekhar Chandru
  • Music
  • Release Date
  • Playing at
All across Karnataka

Dayal Padmanabhan is back with a roller coaster ride of a film, after a gap of nearly three years. He himself has written the screenplay and dialogues for the film apart from producing and directing it. Ganesh plays a different role in ‘Circus’. Though neither the story nor the details of the film have yet been divulged, it is being said that Ganesh plays a prankster, who gets into trouble for his mischievous ways. Ganesh was earlier seen in miniscule roles in Dayal’s films. This is his first major film with Dayal. Archana Gupta plays his love interest. The major portion of the film is shot on board a train and the climax portion is shot in a live circus. Seven cameramen including Krishna, Satya Hegde, Shekhar Chandra etc have worked for this film. Emil has provided the music while Jony Harsha is the editor. ‘Circus’ has been in the news on account of its story. Dayal had said that the story is inspired from the life of a big director, but didn’t mention the name of the director. Later S.Mahendar claimed that the story of the film is a real incident that occurred in his real life. He also claimed that he wanted to direct a film based on that story, but before he could do so, Dayal had lifted the story without his permission. He even complained to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce regarding this issue. The Chamber, after hearing both the parties, advised Dayal to cough up Rs. 1.25 lakhs as remuneration and also advised that S.Mahendar should be given the story credit. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on the occasion of Sankranthi.

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