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Janumada Gelathi

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  • Director
Dinesh Baboo
  • Producer
Manohar, Ganesh and Umesh Banakar
  • Actor
Srinagara Kitty
  • Actress
Pooja Gandhi
  • Cinematographer
Dinesh Baboo
  • Music
V Manohar
  • Playing at
Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hubli and other places

Dinesh Baboo, the director who has the reputation of making the most number of soft, romantic comedies in Kannada, now offers us his latest film, 'Janumada Gelathi', representing this genre in all ways. Though not much has been divulged about the story or the making of the film, it is being said that the film is inspired by a French poem. Manohar who produced ‘Orata I Love You’ is producing this film. Srinagara Kitty and Pooja Gandhi are paired for the first time in 'Janumada Gelathi'.

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