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Makante Achchan

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  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor
Sreenivasan, Vineeth Sreenivasan
  • Cinematographer
Manoj Pillai
  • Music
  • Release Date
  • Playing at
All across Kerala

Makante Achchan' sees the highly popular Sreenivasan and his son Vineeth Sreenivasan coming together for the first time. Sreenivasan, who is popular not only as an actor, but as a director and a much sought-after scenarist and Vineeth, who is a successful singer and an upcoming actor (he had acted in one film, 'Cycle') play father and son in this movie, directed by V.M.Vinu. Scripted by debutante Samjad Narayanan, a successful journalist, 'Makante Achchan' tells the story of Viswanathan and his son Manu. Viswanathan is a government employee and his family consists of his wife and a son and daughter. Viswanathan dotes on his son Manu and wants him to be successful in life and follow the principles of honesty and straightforwardness. But Manu is of a different mould altogether, living life in a lavish manner. It's Suhasini Maniratnam who plays Viswanathan's wife. The film is expected to be a family flick.

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