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Aintham Padai

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  • Director
  • Producer
Avni Cinemax (Khushboo)
  • Actor
Sundar C
  • Actress
Adhithi Chowdri
  • Cinematographer
D. Shankar
  • Music
D. Iman
  • Playing at
All over Tamil Nadu

The story is all about five brothers. It is also about two families at loggerheads over an issue for quite some time. The tussle gets blown out of proportion by the ladies in both the families. The story deals with how the protagonist solves the problem with a very tactical approach. Sundar C. the protagonist plays the role of a theatre owner. Devayani plays the role of his sister in law, while Simran plays the role of a powerful woman in the villain’s family. It is said that Simran has a powerful role that has negative shades and a lot of scope to act. She also has a song with the hero. The movie has all the commercial ingredients as is the case with all Sunder.C films. Ilayaraja’s famous song "Oram Po..." has been used in a remixed version.

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