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Enga Rasi Nalla Rasi

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  • Genre
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Actress
Reethima Vishwa
  • Cinematographer
Dhayal Osho
  • Music
  • Release Date

Enga Rasi Nalla Rasi, MuraliMurali returns with ‘Enga Rasi Nalla Rasi’, directed by the director duo, Ravi-Raja. Vishwa plays the female lead. The protagonists play two friends, who come to Chennai from Madurai. The film is a hilarious entertainer as they are faced with one hurdle after the other in the metro city. Deva writes the tunes and Dhayal Osho is the cinematographer.The cast of the film includes Reethima, S Ve Shekher, Radharavi, Vinitha, Chinni Jayanth and Charlie.

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