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  • Director
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Girish Bala
  • Actress
  • Music
Rahul Athul Manthalkar
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Meipporul 21Meiporul’ is a suspense thriller shot completely in America. Most of the cast and crew also are residents of the US. The film, written and directed by Natty Kumar, is not at all star-oriented; the artistes include Mexicans, Japanese, Americans, Africans and Indians and every character in the film is important. Natty’s partner Krish is the protagonist of the film and Anusha Ramanujam, an engineer working in the U.S., is the female lead.For Natty Kumar, who has already done a few short films in Tamil and English, this is his first full length feature film. He says the film was inspired by the sacred book, ‘Thirukkural’. Lenin edits the film. A. R. Rahman’s associate sound engineer Rahul composes the music for the film.

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