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Chinthakayala Ravi

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  • Director
  • Producer
Nallapalapu Srinivas
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Cinematographer
K Ravindra Babu
  • Music
Vishal Sekhar
  • Playing at
Across South India

Chinthakayala Ravi (Venkatesh) goes to America to get in to a job as a software professional. Meanwhile, his parents in India, Seshamamba (Lakshmi) and Chandra Mohan, fixes his marriage with Lavanya (Mamtha Mohandas) the daughter of Ramachandra Raju (Shayaji Shinde). Sunitha (Anushka) who resides in America is a close friend of Lavanya. Fate strikes a blow when Sunitha gets to meet Chithakayala Ravi in USA who works in a cyber wave. Does Lavanya marry Chinthakayala Ravi who woks in a cyber cafe? What or who plays the mysterious turn in his life that causes him to work in a cyber wave? How did the story of Sunitha, who loved Chinthakayala Ravi ended happily? These are the main plot that forms the line of ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ which is narrated with a lot of humor quotient sprinkled all over.

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