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Dongala Bandi

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  • Genre
  • Director
Vegesna Satish
  • Producer
GSK Naidu
  • Actor
Allari Naresh
  • Actress
Tanya, Malishka
  • Cinematographer
Arun Kumar
  • Music
Rajsekhar Valluri

Dongala Bandi', written and directed by Satish, is a very predictable movie, but a taut screenplay and breezy dialogues make for interesting viewing.The movie is too loud at times, literally, but somehow manages to hold the viewers' interest. The film tells the story of Allari Naresh and his band of thieves who are stranded in a forest. They try frantically to escape from the forest and find out a hidden treasure. In between, there is time for Naresh's romance with Tanya and for a duet in the backdrop ogf a waterfall. Naresh is captured by the police and jailed. At the jail, he makes friends with several thieves and they decide to make a 'monumental' robbery. Soon, the merry band of thieves bump into their respective grandfathers. They were also thieves themselves! They ask their grandsons to go for the treasure that once belonged to the Nizams. The first half of the film describes their escapades in the forest. The movie seems to go on and on, as the story continues even after the treasure is found. Their plans are foiled by Brahmanandam who comes in on time to declare that he himself is the grandson of the Nawab and deceives them. The movie has enough moments od mirth and laughter in it. The film has quality performances from most of its cast. Naresh is at his usual comical best.

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