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  • Genre
  • Director
Sivaram Yadav
  • Producer
Mutyala Ramdasu
  • Actor
Sameer Dharmadhikari
  • Actress
Kanishkaa Kapoor
  • Music
Bappi Thuthil
  • Release Date

Madhubala’ is a take on the film industry. The film, simultaneously made in Telugu and Hindi, is directed by Sivaram Yadav and produced by Muthyala Ramadas and Sandeep G. The film deals with a real life incident that took place in the life of a filmmaker. A top director continuously molests a heroine. One fine day, the actress picks up courage and points her finger at the director. What follows forms the crux of the story. Sameer and Kanishka appear in the lead and Bappi Thuthil scores the music.

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