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Kella Gopikrishna
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Music
Shekar Chandra

An action movie with a musical title, that’s what ‘Manjeera’ is. Directed by Saibhanu, this Gowtham-Sridevi starrer tells a very strange kind of love-story, but is an action movie basically. Of course the film tells of love that crosses the frontiers of caste, religion and all such things. But the over-all mood is that of an action thriller. A young girl who falls in love with a young guy on the first sight doesn’t ever get inkling of what all is in his mind. She meets her on the street, while she is on her way home. But once she sees him, she is unable to take her eyes off his face. The young guy on the other hand, is out on a mission, a ‘do or die’ mission.

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