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Mental Krishna

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  • Director
Posani Krishnamurali
  • Producer
Mohan Vadlapatla
  • Actor
Posani Krishnamurali
  • Actress
  • Cinematographer
Gadiraju Srinivas
  • Music
Vandemataram Srinivas
  • Playing at
All across Andhra Pradesh

‘Mental Krishna’ tells the story of Muddu Krishna, a guy who is brought up dressed as a girl. This happens only because his parents were rather fond of girl children and had desired a daughter than a son. Anyway, the grown up Muddu Krishna desires to get married. But the problem he faces is that those girls who come loving him are in fact eyeing his wealth and property, he being the son of a rich industrialist. It is in this context that a girl named Satya Krishnan comes into the picture. She is also the daughter of an industrialist, but she is in love with a guy who is basically a milk supplier. The guy, who despite earning a seat at an International Business school, never stops or hates what he had been doing, earns the approval of Satya’s family too. Their marriage is fixed and things seem to be moving rather smooth. But the marriage doesn’t take place as problems arise. At this juncture Muddu Krishna, who had earlier proposed to Satya and had been rejected, comes in again. His mother convinces Satya to get married to her son. From then onwards Satya’s life becomes sort of a hell as Muddu Krishna subjects her to all kinds of harassments.

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