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  • Genre
  • Director
Puri Jagannath
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Cinematographer
Shyam K Naidu
  • Music
  • Release Date

Director Puri Jagannath, who has given films like ‘Badri’,’Super’, ‘Pokiri’, ‘Bujjigadu’ etc, now gets ready with ‘Neninthe’, which has as the backdrop the world of films and film-making. The film, which has in key roles Ravi Teja, debutante Siya, Brahmanandam, Sayaji Shinde, Mumaith Khan etc, narrates the story of an assistant director and his struggles. The film also focuses on the struggles of a dancer who aspires to be an actress. The protagonist of the movie is Ravi, who had put in years of struggle as an assistant director, working under a director named ‘Idly’ Viswanath. On the other hand, we have Sandhya, a struggling dancer-cum-junior artist with dreams of becoming an actress. Both Ravi and Sandhya have their own share of personal problems too. While Ravi’s mother is a cancer patient, Sandhya’s problem is that she is harassed by her brother-in-law and another goonda. How Ravi succeeds in fighting it out in his professional life and becomes an independent director forms the crux of the plot. Sandhya’s success story too is highlighted. While Ravi Teja becomes Ravi, it’s debutante Siya who becomes Sandhya. Brahmanandam is ‘Idly’ Viswanath.

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