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  • Director
J Shiva
  • Producer
V Anand Prasad
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Music

Vijay (Gopichand) and Divya (Poonam Kaur) are young siblings without any parental care. Unable to take care of his sister, Vijay leaves Divya in an orphanage. From there, she is adopted by a couple and taken to Kolkata. In an attempt to trace his sister, Vijay reaches the home of the Police Commissioner Sharath (Sharath Babu). Sharath takes the child under his wings and grooms him into a Police officer. While on his job, Sharath is murdered by a notorious gangster Sivaram Goud. To bring the gangster to book Vijay puts him behind bars. Meanwhile, Vijay also finds out the whereabouts of his long lost sister. Does he succeed in tracing her? What happens when Sivaram Goud gets out of the prison? The answers are revealed as the plot unfolds.

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