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  • Genre
  • Director
  • Producer
Kavita Injeti
  • Actor
  • Actress
Sony Charishta
  • Music
Raj Kiran
  • Release Date

‘Yugala Geetham’ is a family entertainer which narrates the stories of three couples. Sreekar, Chandu, Abhishek, Sabrina Hashmi, Soni Charista and Sree Anjali, are in the lead. The film, directed by Shivaji and produced by Kavitha Injeti, is a campus film and the lead pairs believe that love is there just for themselves. Others in the cast include Siva Muppala, Sony Charishta, Chandra Mohan, MS Narayana, Kashi Viswanath and Kavitha. Raj Kiran scores the music.

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